Factory Tour

Site Advantages & Description


Our factory takes a very good site advantage in Beitou Dist., Taipei City, Located in next Matilda MRT. It takes only 20 minutes driving to our distributors and 30 minutes to suppliers. Our location is convenient for local business contact ; 10 minutes driving to Taipei Rail Station, 20 minutes to the business center and a residential center. Besides, we have high mobility in global contact and product delivery;within 30 minutes to Kee-lung port and one hour to the Internatonal Airport.


Machinery & Production Process


Our factory is equipped with three production and three assembly lines.60% of the process is automated and 40% of it is semi-automated. Besides, 70% of our machine were imported and 30% of them were made in Taiwan.

Profile of R&D operations


Our R&D department, which involves computer technology, product design and product development and other related professionals. We also have many related industries Experience of cooperation and participation, including plastic, metal and even the most sophisticated circuit design. R&D of products to meet market demand, product innovation and continuous improvement is our goal. To meet growing fast changing market demand, we have the most rapid R&D capacity, averaging less than 3 months that a new market; an average year, 8~10 products available


Quality Control


We understand good product quality is the lifeblood of business continuity. We therefore attach great importance to product quality, from raw materials to form components to finished products at every stage, there are stringent monitoring. Before shipment, quality control staff did a random sampling of the ways to do quality control to ensure that the customer handed the hands of the best quality products.